About Us

Who we are:

We have been working for over a century in the Italian market as service provider for textile and synthetic fibres, packaging and automation.
We offer cutting-edge technologies for the spinning, winding, texturing and handling of chemical fibres (textile and technical) as well as industrial solutions for paper winding (cylindrical tubes, small tubes and composite cans) through equipments, machines and accessories.

We take care of our clients and we simultaneously act as a reliable agent to our partner companies. Our successful team offers a young and dynamic team-work attitude very inclined to solve problems thanks to its longstanding experience.

As a result of experience and an efficient use of resources, we offer to our customers a decision making process supported by knowledge, creativity and innovation. “Rerum cognoscere causas” (know the causes of things) is our guiding principle. The reached experience proves that the “cause and effect” analysis is the main tool to take strategic decisions that will pay off in the future.